The International Montessori Index was originally created in 1998
through the graduate school of education of Loyola College in Maryland.
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The International Montessori Index brings together a professional group of educators interested in the field of child development, education in general, and Montessori specifically.

We present information on philosophy, practice, teacher certification, costs, and other facts necessary for making a good decision about placing a child in a school, or choosing a teacher education course.  

There are over 13,000 "Montessori" web sites on the Internet at the time of this writing, and The International Montessori Index is considered by many the most informative, and is the one most visited, in the USA, and internationally.


Every organization listed within these pages is a member which means that they agree with the content, and are open to sharing the details of their particular area of expertise or service, and to present themselves for public scrutiny . They pay an annual membership fee to support the maintenance of the web site.  All materials suppliers have an understanding of and a connection to Montessori.

If the listed organization is represented on the Internet by a major, international educational website, membership may consist of a trade.

Any teacher training centers, organizations, materials suppliers, and schools, or other related groups are welcome to apply for membership. To do so, please go to the list at the left of this page, click on the appropriate link and find the application at that page.

Thank you for your interest.