Today, because of the need for improved ways to prepare children for a a rapidly changing world, there is a great demand for Montessori education. As the need, and the corresponding supply, of services and materials increases it is more important than ever to practice discrimination in selecting schools, training centers, and materials.

Montessori education requires exceptional adults who are very well trained through dedication and hard work under the guidance of a master teacher-trainer. Selection of educational materials requires sound judgment and understanding of the needs of children based on good Montessori training of the adult. Too much in the environment distracts the child's attention and scatters his energy, so selection must be based on true understanding of the child. Low quality of materials does not call forth love, respect, and careful handling by the children which leads to superior learning. Remember, anyone can use the name "Montessori" and anyone can post their own interpretation of Montessori on the internet. We hope the information on, The International Montessori Index, will help in your search for the best.

There are many valuable Montessori conferences and Montessori-related resources available to the public. Most conferences are open to anyone wishing to learn more about Montessori. Please contact individual organizations for more information and bookmark this site to keep in touch with up-to-date conference lists and dates.

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