Montessori Organizations
and Teacher Training Courses

AMI, The Association Montessori Internationale
Founded: 1929, by Dr. Maria Montessori
AMI teacher training centers in Australasia - Oceania: For a complete list of AMI approved teacher training centers, go to this link: AMI Training Centers


LECTURES: To read papers from the 25th International Congress in Australia, with 900 delegates from 45 countries, go to the Congress 2005 link at

NOTE: INTERNATIONAL COURSES: Montessori organizations in one country often offer conferences, workshops, and teacher training courses in other countries.
Be sure to check all of the continent links on this site for information.

All Montessori organizations and teacher training centers are welcome to become members of The International Montessori Index. 
Click here for an application for a Montessori Teacher Training center: TC application
Click here for a Montessori organization membership ORG application.
Click here for a Montessori training center AND Montessori organization that trains teachers, membership ORG TC application.

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