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AMI, The Association Montessori Internationale
Founded: 1929, by Dr. Maria Montessori
AMI teacher training centers in Australasia - Oceania: For a complete list of AMI approved teacher training centers, go to this link: AMI Training Centers


AMI (Association Montessori International)
Organizations and Courses


Maria Montessori Education Foundation (MMEF)
Physical Address: Kawai Purapura Retreat, 14 Mills Lane, Albany, Auckland, New Zealand
Mailing address: MMEF, PO Box 108054, Symonds Street, Auckland, 1051, New Zealand
Phone: 0064 21 111 4133
Email address:
Director of Training: Cheryl Ferreira, London & Pamela Nunn, Australia (certified AMI 3-6 teacher trainers)  
Founded: The inaugural course commenced in June 2009
Affiliation: (Association Montessori Internationale, The Netherlands) AMI
Level of Training:
Age 3-6. MMEF also offer the AMI Assistant Certificate Course.
Course Format:
AMI 3-6 3-summer format course
Course Dates: 5th January- 26th February 2015, January 4th – 26th February 2016 & 3rd January – 24th February 2017. The course consists of three 8 week summer modules plus 3 weeks of observation and 7 weeks of teaching practice.
See website or email for more details.
Admission Requirements: Students must be 18 years of age prior to the commencement of the training course
Successful completion of a Diploma qualification at tertiary level. NOTE: Special admission status may, in some circumstances, be granted to a limited number of applicants who do not have formal academic qualifications but who wish to be admitted on the basis of their relevant life/work experience.
10,000 + G.S.T (tax) New Zealand dollars. AMI membership is NZ$65.00.
Certification: Internationally recognized 3-6 Diploma. Montessori Assistants Certificate Course AMI
Course Details:The following are the approximate figures for AMI certified courses:- 30 hours per week under direct supervision of training staff, 12 hours a week estimated work at home per week, 9/10 weeks spent in Montessori classrooms for teaching practice and observations. Requirements to earn diploma: 90% attendance, two 3-hour written exams, practical (oral) exams, reference folders (albums), supervised practicals in classroom.  

LECTURES: To read papers from the 25th International Congress in Australia, with 900 delegates from 45 countries, go to the Congress 2005 link at

NOTE: INTERNATIONAL COURSES: Montessori organizations in one country often offer conferences, workshops, and teacher training courses in other countries. Be sure to check all of the continent links on this site for information.

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