Please keep a copy of this form as your invoice/receipt

THE INTERNATIONAL MONTESSORI INDEX,, is one of the most accessed Montessori site in the world today, with over 350,000 hits a month. It is a public service web site organized to provide detailed information on Montessori education to the public, completely supported by its members. The value of this site is that it does not just advertise one organization, nor does it give a long list of organizations with no information. Here the public can learn about Montessori theory and practice and can research and compare and make intelligent decisions about the value of membership in various organizations. NOTE: This is not the application for a Montessori Training center. For that application go to: training center application

When one searches for the word "Montessori" this site is almost always number 1 of over 50,000,000 sites, no matter where one is in the world, so members consider this the best advertising possible in our increasingly cyber world. To apply for membership, and to have your Montessori organization listed and/or linked to this site please print out this form and mail it, completely filled out accompanied by the membership fee in US Dollars to the address below. Keep a copy of your application as you invoice.


Name of Montessori Organization (required):

The year the organization was founded (required):

Street and/or post office address (at least one is required so that you may be contacted by the public):

City and Country (required):

Telephone number (optional):

Organization  E-mail address(es) or URL(es) (optional):

The year the organization was founded (required):

Montessori affiliation, or not (required):

Legal status of organization -- private, non-profit, state supported, affiliated with a college or university, etc. (required):

Description of Organization and its Function -- is this an organization of schools, or teachers, or other supporters of Montessori. What is the function of the organization? Number of meetings or conferences annually, journals published, etc. (required)

Director/Directress of Organization (required):

Montessori certification of Directress of Organization if applicable (required):

Approximate Number of Members of the Organization (required)

Annual organizational membership dues or fees -- other requirements for membership (required)

Conferences, annual or regional that you would like listed.  Conference listings are free for full-fee paying members and can be updated during the year, with a month's notice.  See for format of conferences of existing members. It is your responsibility to notify The International Montessori Index of the conference schedule or changes

MEMBERSHIP LISTING FEE, DUE ANNUALLY IN JANUARY: The annual members in The International Montessori Index is $480, due in January of each year. It is $40.00 a month prorated if you are joining midyear. Third World countries pay $300 annually, $25 per month if applying midyear.  There is an additional one time setup charge of $50.00. The fee includes a main listing plus a web site and/or E-mail link and conference listing. Conference listings can also be listed, but it is up to the member to get this information to the webmaster in January of each year, along with the application.

A $50 fee will apply if changes are requested during the year and if a renewal arrives after February 1 each year. When one searches for the word "Montessori" this site is almost always number 1 of over 50,000,000 sites, no matter where one is in the world, so members consider this the best advertising possible in our increasingly cyber world.

MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION: I am including with this application:

Annual membership or renewal listing fee: $480; or $40 per month if applying midyear. ($300 in January or $25 per month if applying midyear for 3rd world countries) __________

Setup/changes fee: $50.00 when you are first listed, or for any changes during the year or at renewal time, or if renewal arrives after February 1st ____________

Additional link fees: Additional listing categories include a link to a list of schools, teachers' "job offers", or affiliated organizations in another continent that have a permanent physical address and separate website or email address.
The cost for each additional link is $24.00 (or $2 a month if prorated). ___________

Total: _______________

check number __________  date ___________ Signed by _____________________________________________

Make your check out to ""

Mail your application or renewal, with any changes in red type,
The International Montessori Index
PO Box 890
Trinidad, CA 95570

Also email it (with changes in red) to
NOTE: Keep a copy of this application or renewal for your records as your invoice.

Signed: ________________________________________ Title: ____________________________ Date: _____________

This is NOT the application for an individual training center. For this application see: training center
This is NOT an application for individual Montessori schools. Schools are not listed at except through the links of member organizations.