Montessori Organizations and Teacher Training Courses

All of the Montessori organizations and training centers in the USA have been invited to become members of The International Montessori Index, placing the details of services, cost, and certification on this site to help prospective teachers make the best decision. Below are those who have accepted the invitation.

Future Teachers: Be sure to check with local school where you want to teach to see what teacher certification they require, and then study the details of training courses carefully.

Organization Heads and Teacher Trainers: To join, please see the links at the bottom of the page.

Member organizations that do not train teachers

NAMTA, North American Montessori Teachers' Association
13693 Butternut Road, Burton, Ohio 44021
Phone: (440) 834-4011; Fax: (440) 834-4016
Web Site:; E-mail:
Services: NAMTA organizes Montessori conferences in North America, maintains a directory of members and schools, and publishes The Namta Journal. NAMTA sells Montessori videos, slide shows, and publications.
Membership: membership is open to any individual interested in Montessori. The membership fee is $50 a year within the USA, $60 outside the USA.
NAMTA Montessori education conferences are open to all teachers and parents, AMI and non-AMI.
Executive Director:
David Kahn, founding executive director emeritus of Montessori High School at University Circle, Cleveland, Ohio, is executive director of the North American Montessori Teachers Association.
Affiliation: (Association Montessori Internationale, The Netherlands) AMI
Legal Status: educational, not-for-profit membership organization


Member organizations that offer teacher-training courses

AMI, The Association Montessori Internationale
Founded: 1929, by Dr. Maria Montessori
AMI teacher training centers in North America: For a complete list of AMI approved teacher training centers, go to this link: AMI Training Centers


AMI/USA, Association Montessori International in the USA
410 Alexander Street, Rochester, NY 14607
Phone: (585) 461-5920; Toll free: (800) 872-2643   Fax: (585) 461-0075
Web Site:; email:
Services: Provide information about AMI teacher training choices in the United States; organize conferences, including the annual refresher course; AMI school consultation and recognition programs; publish a newsletter 4 times a year, a supplement featuring parent-focused articles, and booklets, videos, and brochures.
Membership: individual membership $75; annual school fees vary based on size of school and level of recognition.
Founded: 1929; Executive Director: Virginia McHugh Goodwin (AMI certified 3-6)
Affiliation: (Association Montessori Internationale, the Netherlands) AMI
Legal Status: non-profit corporation
Level of Training: assistants to infancy (0-3 years), primary (3-6 years), elementary (6-12 years)
Admission Requirements: bachelors degree (with some exceptions); AMI primary diploma or AMI Foundation Course (5/6 weeks) required for elementary level courses.
$8500-$12,500 ($19,020 if M.Ed included) additional fees range from $500-$1,500; Foundation Course (for elementary trainees not holding an AMI primary diploma): $1,600-$2,000; scholarship assistance is available.
Certification: AMI diploma at the level of the course (assistants to infancy, primary, or elementary). Many centers offer a masters degree option.
Course Details: Academic year and summer training formats. Academic-year courses run nine to ten months–typically from September to May; summer training courses span two to three summers with interim work (classroom observation, seminars, student teaching). Coursework: 30-40 hours/week under direct supervision of professors, 12-30 hours/week estimated work at home; 210-250 hours of observation and/or practice teaching depending on the age level. Requirements to earn diploma: 90% attendance, two/three 3-hour written exams, practical (oral) exams, reference folders (albums), supervised practicals in classroom.
Starting Date: Varies based on center; contact center directly.


AMS, The American Montessori Society
116 E. 16th St., New York, NY 10003
(212) 35801250; Fax: (212) 358-1256
Web Site:; email:
training teachers, sponsoring an annual conference, webinars and heads of school retreat; publications include a variety of pamphlets, a newsletter and a quarterly publication Montessori Life
annual school membership $575-$4175; individual membership $75 USA, $55-$85 outside USA; teacher education programs $485 per course level per site; additional fees apply.
Executive Director:
Richard A. Ungerer
American Montessori Society (AMS)
Legal Status:
non-profit corporation
Level of Training:
Infant & Toddler (birth-3 years), Early Childhood (2.5-6), Elementary I (6-9), Elementary I-II (6-12), Secondary I (12-15), Secondary I-II (12-18), Administrator
Admission Requirements: 
Bachelor’s degree with exceptions for Infant & Toddler and Early Childhood Associate credentials. Montessori credential or overview course required for Infant & Toddler, Elementary, Secondary and Administrator credentials.
$2800-$9700; additional fees range from $500-$1500. If partnered with a college/university additional fees may apply.
AMS Montessori Credentials for all levels of teacher education. Non-US credentials are also awarded for each level. See website for information.
Course Details:
There are several formats, from summer-intensive courses to year-round week-end courses. Starting dates depend on individual courses, for both free-standing and college/university programs. Onsite contact hours: 215-500; observations: includes academic content and documented observations—minimum of 15-28 hours; student teaching: 540-1080 hours for full academic year; homework: 2-3 hours for each contact hour. Requirements to earn credential: successful completion of all AMS and teacher education program requirements including financial obligations. Requirements include attendance at academic phase, practicum phase with regular formative assessments by supervising teacher and field consultant, year-long research project, observations, portfolio and written assessments, and performance evaluations.
Starting Date:
See the AMS website.

AMI member teacher-training courses (Association Montessori Internationale)

The Montessori Institute (TMI)
700 Knox Ct., Denver, Colorado 80204, USA
Contact: phone: (303) 832-6781; Fax (303) 765-5279
Website:; E-mail:
Director of Training: Judi Orion (AMI certified 0-3, 3-6 teacher, AMI certified 0-3 Assistants to Infancy teacher trainer, AMI certified 3-6 teacher trainer, adjunct faculty member at Loyola University, and Chair of the AMI Training Group) Contact TMI for information on courses in other countries led by Judi Orion.
Founded: 1982
Organization: educational, not-for-profit, affiliated with Loyola University in Maryland
Montessori Affiliation: (Association Montessori Internationale, The Netherlands) AMI
Level of Training: Age 0-3 (The 3-6 course is currently on sabbatical.)
Course Format: 0-3, Assistant to Infancy Course Details:
During 2 summers: 17 weeks on campus, curriculum albums created entirely by students; this work is read and feed-back given weekly by experienced teachers trained in reading students work; 20-25 hours of work weekly outside of class; 20 hours of direct supervised observation of children at the training center to learn how to observe the child in his natural environment during the interim year; interim year assignments are given at a personal exit conference at the end of the first summer
During interim year at home
: 250 hours of observation of children in their natural environment, monthly developmental summaries plus the observation journal of babies being observed are sent in to TMI and feedback is given on ways to improve observation or summarizing skills, reading and writing assignments plus 20 hours of students teaching including an observation by staff member or A to I consultant,
Admission Requirements: BS or BA degree or higher, or director approval. There is sometimes a waiting list so apply early.
Tuition: $8950 (US) or $8970 (non-US), including application fee, tuition, exam fee,and AMI membership; The M. Ed. degree tuition at Loyola is not included.
Certification: AMI 0-3 or 3-6 diploma (The 3-6 course is currently on sabbatical.). 27 hours of a 36-hour M. Ed. degree at Loyola University of Maryland available.
Starting Date: June each year

Montessori Northwest (MNW)
622 SE Grand Avenue, Portland, OR 97214, USA
Phone: (503)963.8992; Fax: (503)963.8994
Web Site:; E-mail:
Directors of Training: Patricia Wallner: AMI certified 0-3 teacher trainer, AMI certified 0-3 teacher, adjunct faculty at Loyola University Maryland and Marylhurst University; Ginni Sackett: AMI certified 3-6 teacher trainer, AMI certified 3-6 teacher, adjunct faculty at Loyola University Maryland and Marylhurst University; Sarah Werner Andrews: AMI Certified 3-6 teacher trainer, AMI certified 3-6 teacher, AMI certified 6-12 teacher, adjunct faculty at Loyola University Maryland and Marylhurst University; Elise Huneke-Stone: AMI Certified 6-12 teacher trainer, AMI certified 3-6 teacher, AMI certified 6-12 teacher, adjunct faculty at Loyola University Maryland
Founded: 1979
Organization: a non-profit(501c3) organization, MNW is licensed by the Oregon Department of Education as a private career school. And is accredited by the Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education (MACTE) and is affiliated with Loyola University Maryland and Marylhurst University.
Affiliation: Association Montessori Internationale, AMI, The Netherlands
Level of Training:0-3, 3-6, 6-12
Course Format: Academic year format at Primary and Elementary Levels, Multiple summer format at the Assistants to Infancy and Primary levels; Both formats are full time on campus most work done on campus directly with the trainers; some work at home
Admission Requirements: B.S. or B.A. degree in any field - Exceptions are considered on an individual basis.
Tuition: Please see our website for detailed information on tuition and admissions. $9550 for Assistants to Infancy training; $11,500 for Primary training; $13,350 for Elementary training (masters program tuition not included)
Certification: AMI 0-3 Assistants to Infancy Diploma; AMI 3-6 Primary Diploma; AMI 6-12 Diploma; Graduate credit available through Loyola University Maryland; Undergraduate credit available through Marylhurst University
Course Details: As each level of training will vary slightly in structure please see our website for detailed descriptions. The following are the approximate figures for all certified AMI primary courses.  9-10 months full time on campus, 30-40 hours a week under direct supervision of professors, 15 hours a week estimated work at home per week; 210 - 250 hours of observation and/or practice teaching depending on which course, 0-3 or 3-6. Requirements to earn diploma: 90% attendance, two 3-hour written exams, practical (oral) exams, reference folders (albums), supervised practicals in classroom.
Starting Dates: Both Primary and Elementary courses begin in an academic year format each fall; the Assistant to Infancy course begins again in summer 2014 with a two year cycle; Primary summer will begin again in 2015 with a three year cycle.  


The Montessori Center of Minnesota (MCM)
1611 Ames Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55106
Phone: (651) 298-1120; FAX (651) 298-0039
Website:; email: mtcm@mtcm.ort
Directors of Training: Assistant to Infancy (0-3): Judi Orion and Karey Lontz (AMI certified 0-3 teacher trainers); Primary (3-6): Molly O'Shaughnessy (AMI certified 3-6 teacher trainer); Elementary (6-12): Alison Awes (AMI certified 3-6, 6-12 teacher trainer)
Founded: 1973
Organization: non-profit
Affiliation: Association Montessori Internationale, The Netherlands (AMI)
Level of Training: Age 0-3, 3-6, and 6-12
Course Format: most work done on campus directly with the trainers; some work at home
Admission Requirements: bachelor's degree or higher preferred; English language proficiency
Tuition: $9,000 (2014 0-3); $10,300 (2014 3-6)
Certification: AMI Assistants to Infancy (0-3) diploma; AMI Primary (3-6) diploma; AMI Elementary (6-12) diploma
Course Details: The following are the approximate details for these and other certified AMI courses. 9-10 months full time on campus for the primary academic year; three-summer block schedule for elementary; block schedules for A to I; 30-40 hours a week under direct supervision of staff, 20 hours a week estimated work at home, papers, material-making, reference folders (albums), classroom observation and supervised practicals in AMI Montessori environments for children. Requirements to earn diploma: 90% attendance, two 3-hour written exams, practical (oral) exams, albums, supervised practicals in classroom.
Starting Dates: September, 2014 academic A to I (0-3) course and academic primary (3-6) course; June, 2-16 3-summer elementary (6-12) course

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Other member teacher-training courses

All Montessori training centers with a permanent, established, center are invited to become members.

Distance Learning

Due to many complaints about the quality of education gained in this method, by people who have taken distance learning courses, and the administrators who have hired teachers trained in this method, we can no longer recommend this kind of training. Time and money might be better spend reading books, researching on the internet, concentration on learning to observe children in a variety of situations, and meeting their needs.

NOTE: INTERNATIONAL COURSES: Montessori organizations in one country often offer conferences, workshops, and teacher training courses in other countries. Be sure to check all of the continent links on this site for information.

All Montessori organizations and teacher training centers are welcome to become members of The International Montessori Index. 
Click here for an application for a Montessori Teacher Training center: TC application
Click here for a Montessori organization membership ORG application.
Click here for a Montessori training center AND Montessori organization that trains teachers, membership ORG TC application.

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