Please keep a copy of this form as your invoice/receipt

THE INTERNATIONAL MONTESSORI INDEX, is one of the most-accessed Montessori site on the Internet today, receiving over 500,000 hits each month. It is a public service web site organized to provide detailed information on Montessori education. All costs are paid for and supported by its members. Becoming a member of The International Index is the most successful way to help a Montessori business reach the Internet public.

MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION: The annual fee for a company membership in The International Montessori Index is $480, due in January of each year, plus a one-time set up, or changes, fee of $50. One may join at any time with the membership fee prorated at $45 a month. Acceptance of application depends on your suitability to the Montessori community. If your application is rejected your application fee will be returned.

To apply to have your educational materials company listed and/or linked to this site: please print out this form and mail it, completely filled out accompanied by the membership fee. Keep a copy of your application as you invoice.


Name of Company (required):

The year the company was founded (required):

Name of organization head or president (optional):

Montessori, training, affiliation or connection, of owner or head personnel (required - be very specific):


If there is no close Montessori connection please give the reason why you think your materials would be of interest to Montessori schools, or for use in a home where the Montessori philosophy is used (required):

Names and Email addresses of two references, and their occupations.


Street and/or post office address:

City, State, and Country:

Telephone number:

Company  E-mail address and/or web site:

Country (or countries) served (if other than country where company is located):

Materials offered (between 10-55 words):


Cost, if any, for catalogue:


I am including with this application:

1 - A completely filled out application. You can cut and paste the application and send it by email, but it is necessary to also sent a printed copy with your check.

2 - Annual company listing fee: $480, due in January of each year. $40/ per month if joining midyear __________

3 - (if applicable) Setup fee: $50, due only when you are first applying, or if re-applying because membership has lapsed ____________

4 - (if applicable) Change Fee, for existing members making changes in their listing other than in January when membership is being renewed, $50 ____________

5 - (if applicable) A catalogue, brochure, or sample of products if you are applying for membership for the first time.  (Sending these will speed up your application. They will not be returned)

Total: _______________

Check number ____________  Date of check ___________ Typed name of person signing the check _________________________________________

Make your check out to ""

Mail your application or renewal, with any changes in red type,
The International Montessori Index
PO Box 890
Trinidad, CA 95570

Also email it (with changes in red) to
NOTE: Keep a copy of this application or renewal for your records as your invoice.

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